Proper Irrigation Is Essential For Your Lawn

A sprinkler system installation in Columbia, SC can help your yard thrive

If your lawn is dead or dying, you may want to consider a sprinkler system installation. At Tranquil Landscape Creations, Inc. we install irrigation systems that will make your yard green and vibrant by watering your lawn evenly and avoiding excess run-off.

Don't allow your grass to slowly whither in the smoldering Carolina heat. Call now to help your trees, grass and plants flourish. Each sprinkler system installation comes with a one-year warranty.


We do commercial and residential irrigation work

Has your sprinkler system stopped working properly? It's time to fix the problem. Our sprinkler system repair services in Columbia, SC include:

  • A full-system diagnostic check to assess any problems
  • A system adjustment to keep you from wasting water and money
  • An evaluation to make sure you're watering the grass, not the road or sidewalk

Save money and get a lusher, fuller lawn with sprinkler system repair work from Tranquil Landscape Creations. Call today to get your system checked out. Your lawn will thank you for it.

How our sprinkler system repair experts can help you

A broken sprinkler system can flood your yard and cost you money. Whether you're pouring money down the drain by running your system inefficiently or drowning plants in excess water, a broken sprinkler is a hassle. If something goes wrong with your system, trust Tranquil Landscape Creations, Inc. in Columbia, SC for your sprinkler system repair.

Our team is ready to help. We can:

  • Ensure every part of your sprinkler system works properly
  • Time your sprinkler system to maximize water conservation
  • Create a custom spray pattern for your yard to water everything efficiently

We offer a one-year warranty on our sprinkler system repair services, so we'll make sure your system works perfectly. If you need a brand-new system installed, we also offer water sprinkler installation services. We'll design your system to beat the intense South Carolina heat and keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Call 803-800-3632 now if you'd like more information on our sprinkler system installation and repair services.